sybase: No Sybase PC client found in this environment
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sybase: No Sybase PC client found in this environment


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM) CA Unified Infrastructure Management On-Premise (Nimsoft / UIM) CA Unified Infrastructure Management SaaS (Nimsoft / UIM)


Getting the following error when trying to setup a connection to a Sybase server using the sybase probe:

sybase: No Sybase PC client found in this environment


  • Release: DX UIM 20.4 or higher



  • Sybase Open Client is a prerequisite for monitoring Sybase

  • Sybase Open Client is the interface we use to connect to the Sybase database server.

  • Remote (agentless) Monitoring
    We need at least one Sybase Open Client and in the same client, we can configure multiple connections and monitoring for all other Sybase DB servers.

  • If you need the Sybase Open Client installed, please ask your Sybase DBA to install the correct version and bit and configure it.

  • Local Monitoring
    Normally if you're monitoring the Sybase Database Server locally, with the sybase probe installed on the same database server (UIM Robot), it should already have the Sybase Open Client installed. The Sybase Open client and probe MUST be installed on the Sybase server.

  • What version of Sybase are you running on Windows?
    To display the current Sybase version you have installed, open a command prompt in the Cognos server where the Content manager is installed, then type in isql -v

Installation Considerations

The sybase probe has the following prerequisites for installation:

  • Libraries and Variables: The probe requires the following library configurations:libstdc++ 5 library must be present on the robot platform.

  • Sybase libraries and environment variables must be set in the system path. For more information, see the Configure Sybase Library Path section.

  • Sybase Client: 15.7, ASE 15.7, or ASE 16

  • Advanced Monitoring: Sybase Monitoring Server or Monitoring Tables must be installed and enabled.

  • Sybase: Sybase Monitoring Server must be up and running.

  • Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.7: The property net password encrypt must be updated to a value 2 to enable the encrypted communication between the probe and the Sybase database server.

Note that Sybase 16 has not been tested and is currently not supported on Windows.