System engine upload replication to Enterprise manager hanging at Table: urc_computer_addr.


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 Domain Manager Replication to Enterprise Manager.

On Domain Manager, system engine upload replication task showing problem with urc_computer_addr. As shown in below screenshot. 


Checking SystemEngine log shows below error. 

100517-12:09:10.1013949L|001792|000039d8|SystemEngi|amLog           |                    |000000|ERROR  | Exec command pointer failed

100517-12:09:10.1014177L|001792|000039d8|SystemEngi|amLog           |                    |000000|ERROR  | GetActionOnError: MS SQL dbErrCat=-3, dbDetailedError=-7, errorInfo=ADO Version 6.1 - ExecuteCommandPointer  -COM Error: ErrorCode:-2147217900,WordErrorCode:3092, IDispatch error #3092, Maximum stored procedure, function, trigger, or view nesting level exceeded (limit 32)., Microsoft SQL Server Native Client 10.0, (null)

100517-12:09:10.1014731L|001792|000039d8|SystemEngi|amLog           |                    |000000|ERROR  | SetIntermediateStatus1: Upload: Connection to Enterprise Database lost - Job aborted

100517-12:09:10.1015165L|001792|000039d8|SystemEngi|amLog           |                    |000000|ERROR  | DoTableUpdate - Failed to Update rc=[-3] sql=[update urc_computer_addr set domain_uuid=?,computer_uuid=?,protocol=1,flags=0,strAddress=? where  uuid=0x116C233FBE5AB64D8B8F0A4C0F4473C9]

100517-12:09:10.1015964L|001792|000039d8|SystemEngi|amLog           |                    |000000|ERROR  | SetIntermediateStatus1: Upload: Replication failed during updating stage

100517-12:09:10.1018041L|001792|000039d8|SystemEngi|RepTime         |                    |000000|NOTIFY | urc_computer_addr 0 records select 0 sec - update/insert 0 sec - createobjectmap 0 sec - usedbybatch 0 sec - usedbyexist 0 sec - usedbyCORA  0 sec

100517-12:09:10.1018276L|001792|000039d8|SystemEngi|amLog           |                    |000000|ERROR  | DoTableUpdate - Chunk processed failed - tablename=urc_computer_addr, count=1, inserted=0, failed=1

100517-12:09:10.1018479L|001792|000039d8|SystemEngi|amLog           |                    |000000|ERROR  | SetIntermediateStatus1: Upload: A database error was encountered

100517-12:09:10.1019438L|001792|000039d8|SystemEngi|amLog           |                    |000000|ERROR  | Fewer records were updated than expected for table: urc_computer_addr. Expected to update: 6407, actually updated: 0

100517-12:09:10.1021882L|001792|000039d8|SystemEngi|amLog           |                    |000000|ERROR  | SetIntermediateStatus1: Upload: Replication failed during updating stage

100517-12:09:30.1177824L|001792|000039d8|SystemEngi|amLog           |                    |000000|ERROR  | cReplicationJob::Run() - DB reconnected: retry [326]


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1. There seems to be error with table urc_computer_addr while upload replication task sending records related to this table. 

Please Execute below SQL query on domain manager MDB.  


update ca_replication_status set modified_status=0x0 where 

replication_conf_uuid in ( select replication_conf_uuid from 

ca_replication_conf where direction != -1 and table_name='urc_computer_addr') 


Run the upload replication again.

If problem still not resolved by above query . try 


2. Stop the upload replication again. 

Run below queries on SQL mdb. 

use mdb 

select max(auto_rep_version) from urc_computer_addr 

Take a the results of the query above and copy of it and use it in the next query. 

use mdb 

update ca_replication_status set modified_status = XXXXXXXXXXXXXX 

where replication_conf_uuid in (select replication_conf_uuid from ca_replication_conf where table_name = 'urc_computer_addr' and direction = 50000) 

Above will resolve the issue in most cases. Open a issue with CA if above mentioned queries not resolved the issue.