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CPU Usage 100% full and unable to access Registry and Portal


Article ID: 6853


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CA Application Test CA Continuous Application Insight (PathFinder)


There is slowness in accessing the Portal and when we try to connect to Registry from Workstation it is taking long time in accessing Registry. We verified the service behavior through Windows Task Manager and Registry service is running continuously with more than 100% usage. 


Registry is connected to default database.




  • Please verify db ping time in registry.log file. If db ping time is high (more than 500 ms) , registry will respond slow. Verify the connectivity between registry service and database.
  • Also check memory usage in registry.log file. If used memory is high, check the memory settings for the components.
  • Since the registry is running with default derby database, verify the size of database from <Devtest_home>/database/lisa.db folder. If the size of this folder is huge, recreate the database by taking backup of existing folder and restart the registry (or) use external database for better performance.