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Service Desk Manager - Rejecting duplicate session ID as it already exists in session_log


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Duplicate session-id in session_log table

We may see this error message in the stdlog

boplgin 13424 SIGNIFICANT bplaccess.c 7521 Rejecting duplicate session ID 576895399 as it already exists in session_log


CA Service Desk 17.1 and higher


CA Service Desk generates session-id randomly. When the session_log table is very big, we have a duplicate error.

The application nee to retry to connect and a new session id will be used.

This behavior impacts login performance.


The archive/purge is needed to delete old rows not anymore needed.

Reduce the rows in session_log table resolve the duplicate session_id and also positively impact the performance for login process updating smaller session_log table.

Follow the article below to archive and purge the session_log table:

Service Desk Manager how to archive and purge session_log