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url_response probe - How to change the Wizard from Compatibility Mode to Standards Mode


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


When using the Wizard function to view the Web Page for a profile being monitored some sites may not display properly.




Release: CNMSPP99000-8.4-Unified Infrastructure Mgmt-Server Pack-- On Prem


 The wizard uses a Web Browser Control. The control defaults to IE7 compatibility mode and therefore may

    not display all sites properly. 


This behavior cannot be changed within the control, but can be overridden in the registry. On

  the system where the IM client is being run (not on the machine where the url_response probe resides)

  launch regedt32 and find the following registry key




  Note: In some cases you may need to create the 'FeatureControl' and 'FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION' manually

       as they may not exist by default.


  Create a REG_DWORD in FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION whose name reflects the IM configuration gui executable

      name conf_url_response_4.41.exe and set the value as 0x2AF9 (for IE11 Standards mode). 




  Note: The DWORD name should be the name of the configuration gui executable, as you upgrade the probe will be
               necessary to create a separate entry for the new config gui name.


  Note: Alternatively one of the other below values can be used as well to select a different mode.

11001 (0x2AF9)      Internet Explorer 11. Webpages are displayed in IE11 edge mode, regardless of the declared !DOCTYPE directive. Failing to declare a !DOCTYPE directive causes the page to load in Quirks.            
11000 (0x2AF8) Internet Explorer 11. Webpages containing standards-based !DOCTYPE directives are displayed in IE11 edge mode. Default value for IE11.
10001 (0x2AF7) Internet Explorer 10. Webpages are displayed in IE10 Standards mode, regardless of the !DOCTYPE directive.
10000 (0x2710) Internet Explorer 10. Webpages containing standards-based !DOCTYPE directives are displayed in IE10 Standards mode. Default value for Internet Explorer 10.
9999 (0x270F)Windows Internet Explorer 9. Webpages are displayed in IE9 Standards mode, regardless of the declared !DOCTYPE directive. Failing to declare a !DOCTYPE directive causes the page to load in Quirks.

Closing and relaunching the url_response probe gui and wizard now shows the page load correctly



Additional Information

This could be set up at the system level rather then the user level by setting it under




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