Why am I receiving the error message CAEU9133E HttpSendRecv rc=119 when trying to view XNET confederations that reside on LPARS that have 'locked-down' port allocations?


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CA Chorus Platform


I am successful in seeing multiple XNET confederations that reside on multiple LPARS.  However, on our two DMZ LPARS that restrict both inbound and

outbound port allocations I am unable to see the XNET confederations that reside there.  When I click on those 2 LPARs on the Web interface, it shows XNET

return code 8 with a Status message of CAEU9133E HttpSendRecv rc=119 .


The cause of this condition was due to the LPARS restricting both in-bound and out-bound ports.


Chorus 4.0, DB2 Tools r19


The CAEU9133E HttpSendRecv rc=119 error was resolved by allowing in-bound requests to the XNET ports, and opening up all out-bound ports.

The in-bound XNET STC ports are static, however, the out-bound ports that XNET communicates back to the requesting program are dynamic so it becomes  

necessary to open all out-bound port requests from the DMZ LPARS.