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Since upgrading from 10.2 to 10.2.1, the SpectroSERVER's cpu usage went from less than 10% to 100% and we see " SNMP send" warnings in the vnm.out.


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CA Spectrum


After upgrading we noticed errors in the vnm as below: 

WARNING at SNMP send took 5114ms! Device IP: xxxxx Request ID: xxx Operation Type: 0 Community: xxx

SendRetCode: 0 usReturnCode: 0 Timeout: 3000 Device Port: 161 m_strCommunity: public

m_nVersion: 0 m_strContextName: m_nSecLevel: 0 m_nAuthProtocol: 0

m_strAuthPwd: m_nPrivProtocol: 0 m_strPrivPwd:

WARNING at timeout mutex lock took 4835ms!


A top command shows that the CPU at 100% utilization and on closer inspection, the SpectroSERVER's SNMP listen thread, is consuming 100% CPU.


10.2.1Systems with a single SNMP interface.


The patch 10.02.01.PTF_10.2.118, was built to resolve this and allow systems with a single SNMP interface, to function without issue.

Please contact support to request a copy of this patch.

As a workaround, an additional SNMP interface, can be added to the system.