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ca.datacom.db.DBSQLException migrating CSI after an upgrade to CA CSM 6.0.


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Mainframe Software Manager (Chorus Software Manager)


Getting the following ca.datacom.db.DBSQLException exception trying to migrating a CSI into CA CSM after upgrading to 6.0.


DEBUG (http-bio-22220-exec-9#currentUserSiteIDsUpToDate) 2017-04-14 13:04:15,274 ( 1 entries are in the datab 

ase for user $XTBE 

ERROR (http-bio-22220-exec-10#startMigration) 2017-04-14 13:12:59,188 ( Prepar 

edStatementCallback; SQL [insert into taskjournal(taskid, userid, name, description, productid, type, active, status, errorstatus ) 

values (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ? )]; ca.datacom.db.DBSQLException: ca.datacom.db.DBSQLException: FOREIGN KEY <CASWMGT.TJ_TYPCD_TO_ 

LTSKTYP_CODE> VALUE VIOLATION in Session(Exception executeImmediate)in Query(execparameterized); nested exception i 

s java.sql.SQLException: ca.datacom.db.DBSQLException: ca.datacom.db.DBSQLException: FOREIGN KEY <CASWMGT.TJ_TYPCD_TO_LTSKTYP_CODE> 

VALUE VIOLATION in Session(Exception executeImmediate)in Query(execparameterized) 

There is no diagnostic data attached.


Component: MSM


This is a foreign violation occurring at the end of the CSI migration when it tries to store a row in the TASKJOURNAL table. There should already be a row in the LISTTASKTYPE table that has a code to match the TYPE code in TASKJOURNAL. The code it is looking for is 19: 

19 SMP/E Migration Tasks for SMP/E environment migration 

Either this row is missing from your LISTTASKTYPE or an invalid code is being stored in TASKJOURNAL. 

Go to the task tab and delete all the "SMP/E Migration Tasks for SMP/E environment migration: tasks then retry the migration.