Fewer initial OSI's in TLMS 14.0
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Fewer initial OSI's in TLMS 14.0


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TLMS Tape Management


The number of OSIs created at task startup dropped from 29 with r12.6 to 2 with r14.0. Is this a problem?


z/OSTLMS 14.0


OSI's operate between IBM modules and tapes to provide protection for the different labels. Occasionally information is gathered by CA TLMS SVC (TLMSOSMM) from the IBM modules and sent through a  transaction queue. This process depends on TLMS options.

These OSI's are independent of IBM instructions and maintenance and are dynamic in this version. They are activated as needed and at task startup only 2 are initiated. The prior version initiated 25. The Where To Go (WTG) intercepts are replaced by IBM supported Tape Exit Point (TEP) intercepts.

The intercepts are automatically installed when TLMSRIM is run (normally with CAS9 after an IPL) and verified each time CA TLMS is started.