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Linux server is being discovered as a Host_Compaq instead of a Host_Device or NET-SNMP in CA Spectrum


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CA Spectrum


When a linux operating system is running on HP/Compaq hardware, CA Spectrum models the device as a Host_Compaq instead of a Net-SNMP linux (Host_Device) modeltype.   How can we change Spectrum to use a Host_Device (Net-SNMP linux) modeltype instead?




When the model is created in Spectrum, Spectrum queries for the system object ID and queries the cpqHoMibRevMajor in the Compaq MIB ( to see if this is a Compaq device.  


If the system object id has 8072 in it and the agent responds to the Compaq Mib query for cpqHoMibRevMajor, the Host_Compaq modeltype is used.  


We are not changing this out of the box as this can be manually changed on an as needed basis.  To change it:


1.  Stop the SpectroSERVER

2.  Launch ModelType Editor either from the Spectrum Control Panel or the SS directory:  ../SS-Tools/mte

3.  In the Model Types tab find the the Host_Compaq modeltype

4.  In the Attributes window on the upper right, filter for VendorIDVerifyList 

5.  Select the Edit button.

6.  In the Edit an Attribute window, select the Edit link in the "Default Value" area

7.  Remove the 8072 entry.

8.  Click OK

9.  Select "File -> Commit to Database"

10.  Select "File -> Exit"

11.  Start the SpectroSERVER

12.  Destroy and remodel the Host_Compaq devices so that they will now model as Host_Device of NET-SNMP linux