File Downloads Slow when processed through Secure Proxy Server
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File Downloads Slow when processed through Secure Proxy Server


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CA Single Sign On Secure Proxy Server (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign On SOA Security Manager (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign-On


Downloading files through SPS slow, 60 MB file without going through SPS takes 1 second, with SPS over 100 seconds 


SPS Version: 12.52 0102.766 SPS O/S: Redhat 6 Policy Server version: 12.52 0102.766 PS O/S: Redhat


 CA Support setup similar environment demonstrating the difference between download through SPS and downloading directly – AWS may present is’ own slowness - below is the architecture design of SPS - slowness is since at the Tomcat Servet Container



<Please see attached file for image>


The proxy server processing of large compressed file downloads result of the delays.  When going through Tomcat container portion of SPS it transmit data in block sizes of 4k.




The block size is defined the server.conf virtual section this can be adjust to fine the size the works best (NOTE Large block size is not necessarily the best approach for performance.

<VirtualHost name="default">







Supports/dev testing showed that in our environment  block sizes as flowed show the quickest downloads:




WebAgent trace file log of request:

[ProxyServlet::service][*** de288133 *** Tomcat Buffer size: 8184]

[ProxyServlet::service][*** de288133 *** response block size: 3072]

[Noodle::service][Method is: GET Content length is: 0]

[addRequestHeaders][Need to preseve Proxy HOST Header.Sending Proxy Host to the backend web server]

[execute][Sending request to backend = url =]

[requestConnection(): ][Get connection: HttpRoute[{}->], timeout = 30000]

[openConnection()][Connecting to]

[execute][Response status code from backend webserver is 200]

[Noodle::doGet][Noodle.proxyRequest succeeded.  Writing out response data if available]


[releaseConnection(): ][Released connection is reusable.]

Additional Information

Supporting data:

HTTP Access log 102 seconds

14368 8500 [12/Apr/2017:10:51:05 -0700] 102 102169638 - - "GET /home/214 HTTP/1.1" 200 53555442 "-" "-"



[Wed Apr 12 10:52:47.592 2017] ajp13 102.169369 GET HTTP/1.1 8500 /home/214 200



WebAgent trace:  request took 102 seconds to download – the delay is between

--- Start Transaction --------------

Time Taken :102 sec

[04/12/2017][10:51:05][14356][106503024][Entering the agent.][89fbe0ce-1209dce3-d1b48a88-430f0ddb-cbb46233][ProxyValve::invoke]

[04/12/2017][10:51:05][14356][106503024][Virtual Host:][89fbe0ce-1209dce3-d1b48a88-430f0ddb-cbb46233][ProxyValve::invoke]


[04/12/2017][10:51:05][14356][106503024][Noodle.proxyRequest succeeded.  Writing out response data if available][89fbe0ce-1209dce3-d1b48a88-430f0ddb-cbb46233][Noodle::doGet]

[04/12/2017][10:52:47][14356][106503024][Released connection is reusable.][89fbe0ce-1209dce3-d1b48a88-430f0ddb-cbb46233][releaseConnection(): ]

[04/12/2017][10:52:47][14356][106503024][Returned streamed content length of 53555442][89fbe0ce-1209dce3-d1b48a88-430f0ddb-cbb46233][Noodle::doGet]


--- End Transaction --------------


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