With Clarity db service activated, the startup fails with database deploy error.
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With Clarity db service activated, the startup fails with database deploy error.


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After the Clarity installation, remote database integration and with db service deployed, the Clarity startup fails.

Clarity fails to start due to a database deploy error; however the remote database is seen correctly as "Available" in NSA.

Errors in the logs (example for MSSQL Server):

ERROR niku.union (none:none:none:none) Clarity15.xxx failed to initialize. 
com.niku.union.config.ConfigurationException: The application failed to start because of a database configuration problem. Please review the application log for specific error information. 

<clarity_home>\.setup\scripts\deploy.xml:108: Could not discover local SQL Server service. Please ensure MS SQL Server is installed correctly on this machine. 



  • The database (db) service should not be deployed, as we don't manage Database services via Clarity
  • This is a specific service to start the database, inherited from older Clarity versions, and not in use anymore.
  • Databases are to be started with their own tools and not using Clarity services.
  • This db service option will be removed from CSA in an upcoming Clarity version.



  • When deployed by error, you'll see the db service with the "service status all" command from the command line; this will have to be removed to achieve a correct database connection.
  • To remove the db service, execute this command from the command line: "service remove db".
  • Afterwards Clarity will not give the database configuration error anymore on starting up.