I am running CA Mainframe Application Tuner (MAT) 10.0 and after installing the CA MAT plugin in to RDz I am getting an error after executing an Analzye Report.


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CA Mainframe Application Tuner


This document outlines the steps required to investigate when one gets an error with an XML file creation job.

In this case:

Customer has RDZ installed and running.

CA MAT 10.0 plugin installed into RDz.

Current build is v10.0.0.U201602170311I (0031).

They use an eclipse server.

But when they run analyze report they are getting this error:

"Analysis xml file creation job has been submitted. Please wait and try again later. If the profile remains in this state for too long, check that the jobcard in your GIF is correct and that there are free initiators for its job class.

Plugin Vendor: CA Technologies

Plugin Name: CA Mainframe Application Tuner

Plug-in ID: com.ca.mat

Version: 10.0.0.U201602170311I

The error was detected in com.ca.mat.connect.AnalysisServerCallback$1 (-1)

Log Name:UN.TRITUNE.PLE9333.D2017123.T1610167 contents:


Log file not found "


Component: MATUNE


Together with the customer, we've found the name of the CA MAT server - MATUNER.

NOTE:  In this case we found the client was not running CA MAT on ISPF.  We found the installation using the MATUNER log file and tried to execute the BACTUN member.  (It seems like just executing "/s MATUNER" should have worked, as the customer has it defined as a started task.)

In the CA MAT ISPF client we went to Global -> preferences, and edited a jobcard there for the XMLs-creating job.

Submitted the "job" primary command for the changes to be taken. 

Ran a new measurement (invoked a profile- ran a job) and after the measurement finished, checked the xml job log ).  Job name was changed to MATRPT). 

Turns out the the USER parameter is required by the customer's RACF.  The client needs to make RACF changes to resolve the issue.