Error msg "server not found or server may be down" in Rich Client Web Intelligence tool
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Error msg "server not found or server may be down" in Rich Client Web Intelligence tool


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When trying to connect to Webi Rich client to CABI server machines you can get error message "server not found or server may be down".

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CABI 4.1 SP3 / SP5


This might occur if you try to access the Rich Client tools from outside the CABI server even though the hostname / IP address of the server is reachable and resolved by your client desktop. 

Reason is not clear why this issue happens.


In case of 3-tier connection mode, only 8080 port of BO server needs to be accessible from your machine. In this case a connection file is needed on your machine. To create connection file automatically, follow given steps:


1. Open BI Launchpad in any browser

2. Go to Preferences

3. Go to Web Intelligence Preferences

4. In modification interface for for Webi document - select "Desktop (installation required)"

5. Save Preferences

6. Now try to create a new Webi document from BI Launchpad, it will automatically open rich client from your machine with automatic login.

7. Close Rich client and Open again

8. You will find an option in SYSTEM box with J2EE or 6400 keyword

9. You can now login to BO using rich client

10. Once you are able to access rich client successfully, just change the BI Launchpad preference back to "Rich Internet Application (download required)"


After doing the changes mentioned above, check if you are able to connect Rich client through launchpad/server.

Additional Information

Also check if you are able to contact the CMS by IP address, short name and Fully Qualified Domain name.

Open a command prompt and try the following commands:


ping -a <ipaddress>

ping -a <shortname>

ping -a <FQDN>


All should resolve to the same IP address


Another test is to try using telnet servername 6400 to ensure you can connect without a refused or blocked message of any kind.

Usually just updating the etc/drivers/hosts file to include the IP address, shortname and FQDN will work. If that is not the case, you can try above steps included in this document.


Below SAP thread has other related information:


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