CABI UIM summary report/dashboard: groups are not visible for account contact users


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Using a non-account user the cabi -> summary dashboard loads the "Top Groups by Alarm" section as expected. However, using an account contact user although groups are visible in the USM, when loading the cabi summary dashboard the "Top Groups by Alarm" section is empty and does load any groups or total alarms. The user in question also had the same problem when opening the dashboard in the jasper server. 


Example Screenshot: 



Sign into the jasper server directly, under manage -> log settings set the "SQL query executer" to DEBUG mode. Recreate the problem, open the jasperserver.log (wasp\webapps\cabijs\WEB-INF\logs) and take a copy of the query which will now be present in the log (query will start with: SELECT TOP 10). Go to the database, run the query and check if it returns data. 


UIM 8.5 Cabi v2.00


This issue is fixed in latest CABI dashboards 2.10 release however you need to be running UIM 8.5.1 to upgrade. 


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