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Web Agent Configuration wizard does not detect OHS instance


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Web Agent configuration wizard fails to detect all the OHS instances


Web Agent Version : r12.51 until CR8, r12.52SP1 until CR4OS : Windows


This issue happens when the OHS instances are customized and installed outside of the default <ORACLE_HOME>\instances directory.

Here is how web agent currently determines the location of the instances.

  1. Read the path of the ORACLE_HOME by looking at all the keys under "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ORACLE" registry.
  2. Then look for instances under <ORACLE_HOME>\instances folder ( for 11g release). (To identify correct ORACLE_HOME it also checks for couple of other files/folders)




"inst_loc"="C:\\Program Files\\Oracle\\Inventory"





"ORACLE_GROUP_NAME"="Oracle - OH582528179"





<Please see attached file for image>



Now, this is all good if the OHS instances are installed using default installation. However, if the instances are customized and installed outside of this default location web agent configuration wizard fails to detect it.



Option 1 : Configure Web Agent Manually :


Option 2 : Reconfigure OHS and install the instances in the default location and re-run Web Agent configuration wizard.


Resolution : 


This issue has been fixed in following version : r12.52SP1C5 and above.

Each OHS instances contains a service and each service contains a direct path to the instance directory.


So, now instead of looking up the <ORACLE_HOME>\instances folder web agent configuration wizard directly get the instance path from it's service description.


<Please see attached file for image>

src="/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file=0150c000004AK2eAAG" alt="services.png" width="1485" height="221">


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