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Why am I seeing no events for threshold profiles?


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No threshold monitoring events are showing up in the Events Display 


Theshold monitoring is turned off, set to "false", in http://DA_host:port/rest/thresholdmonitoring/config



Performance Management, all versions


Follow these steps, to see if Theshold Monitoring is turned off; set to "false":

  1. Enter the following information in a web browser:

  2. Take note of the ID value of the ThresholdMonitoringConfiguration item.


       <ThresholdMonitoringConfiguration version="1.0.0">








  3. Open a REST client editor or HTTP tool that sends requests and gets responses.
  4. Set the Content-type to application/xml.
  5. Enter the following filter criteria:
    • URL: http://DA_host:port/rest/thresholdmonitoring/config/ID
      • ID
        The identification number that is assigned to the ThresholdMonitoringConfiguration item.
    • HTTP method = PUT
    • Resume threshold evaluations on the Body tab of the HTTP Request pane:

      <ThresholdMonitoringConfiguration version="1.0.0">