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CABI Jaspersoft install permissions error


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CA Infrastructure Management CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


While installing CA BI Jaspersoft for CA Performance Manager, when trying to start postgres prior to DB creation an error is received. The error prevents further install by preventing creation of the postgres DB.

The error is:

FATAL:  data directory "/opt/CA/CABI/postgres/data" has group or world access

DETAIL:  Permissions should be u=rwx (0700).


CA Performance Manager r3.1CA BI Jaspersoft r6.3


The steps leading to the error have users creating the referenced /opt/CA/CABI/postgres directory. After creating the directory the instructions call for a recursive chmod command to set permissions to 777.

Once that is completed the postgres DB is created. During the DB creation it creates the /opt/CA/CABI/postgres/data directory and all necessary files and sub-directories that reside under it.

During the DB creation process the permissions assigned to all files and sub-directories that reside under the /opt/CA/CABI/postgres/data directory are 700.

If the recursive chmod to 777 is run against the /opt/CA/CABI/postgres directory after the postgres DB is created it will result in incorrect permissions and failed DB start up.


Run a chmod -R recursively on the /opt/CA/CABI/postgres/data directory and everything underneath to set the permissions to 777. The command sample, using default install paths is:

chmod 777 /opt/CA/CABI/postgres

Additional Information

The chmod is normally run as root. Run it as the install owner used to create the postgres DB.