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Problems changing status on uim dashboard


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM) NIMSOFT PROBES


UMP Dashboard not update the status, stay green all the time.


For some reason the directory for the EMS probe got corrupted by antivirus or by upgrade.

You will see this type message on the portal.log

WARN  [AlarmSeverityActor:33] Alarm list is null. (alarms/$Kb)
WARN  [AlarmFilteredListActor:33] Alarm list is null. (alarms/$Wb)

Another error that can be seen in the ems log is this:

Probe exception: Data Store Open Failed. 


Any environment that is using the probe EMS



1) Stop EMS
2) Delete the ems probe
3) Go to the ems probe folder and delete it from the disk
4) reinstall ems
5) Restart wasp

it is very important that you delete ems from the disk


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