During normal processing, CCITCPGW received TCP receive queue constrained


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CA-CCI address space CCITCPGW yields:

12:03:37 BPXF024I (SYSLOGD) May 15 16:03:37 MVSASYS1 TRMD.TCPIPÝ396¨: EZZ8662I 

12:03:37 TRMD TCP receive queue constrained entry logged: 05/15/2017 

12:03:37 16:03:23.42 , connid= A9133AAB , jobname= CCITCPGW , lipaddr= 




The format of the PROTOCOL statement is: PROTOCOL(protocol,netparm,retry,sysid,maxru,start/stop)  

In this case, the CAICCI PROTOCOL statement was coded as: 

PROTOCOL(TCPIPGW,7102,20,ASYSCCI) which sets the retry time to 20 minutes causing a 20 minute delay for the shutdown of CCITCPGW.

This value was detrimental to processing, and caused the "constrained" message.





The default retry time should be 2 minutes, and the "delay" time would be 2 minutes as well. This will prevent the "constrained" message while dealing with unexpected misconfigurations

To accomplish the above, adjust the CAICCI protocol parm to:




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