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When trying to run a CA Endevor LIST ELEMENT job with a large number of WHERE TEXT clauses, getting the following error: BSTPPARS: E009 RAN OUT OF STORAGE ATTEMPTING TO PARSE


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I need to get a list of all the programs in Endevor that use a vendor supplied COPYBOOK and we do not have ACM (Automated Configuration Manager Option) so I am using the LIST ELEMENT action with approximately 3000 WHERE TEXT clauses.

When I run the job, it gets the following error:

            BSTPPARS: E009 RAN OUT OF STORAGE ATTEMPTING TO PARSE =                                                             
            STATEMENT #3                                                                                                        
           C1BM4100: E031 NO ACTION REQUESTS WERE GENERATED                                                                     
           09:30:37  C1Y0014E  ERROR ENCOUNTERED WHEN PARSING SYNTAX.  PROCESSING WILL BE TERMINATED.                           
                     END OF EXECUTION LOG - HIGHEST ENDEVOR RC = 0012  


Breaking the WHERE TEXT clauses into smaller groups is not an option.



All supported versions of CA Endevor SCM


Increase the size of the PARSER heap by turning on the  PARSER_HEAP_SIZE option in the ENCOPTBL Options table. 

Try starting with PARSER_HEAP_SIZE=(ON,100) and rerun the PRINT ELEMENT job.   
Continue adjusting the PARSER_HEAP_SIZE as needed.

Additional Information

Under release 18.0, there was an enhancement to support embedded spaces in element names. This change will require more storage than under earlier releases.