The xxxx-impd-main DSA is not starting
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The xxxx-impd-main DSA is not starting


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The "CA Directory xxxx-impd-main" service is not starting, causing the Provisioning Server service unable to start too.  

Looking at the "xxxx-impd-main_trace.log file, located under folder:

In Windows: %DXHOME%\logs

In Linux: $DXHOME/logs


there is the following message:


? [0] 20170515.113227.065 WARN : 'clear schema;' has been disabled as it is not required 

? [0] 20170515.113227.487 WARN : max-local-ops has no effect 

? [0] 20170515.113227.721 WARN : Loading cache 

? [0] 20170515.113228.409 WARN : Datastore was created at: 20151210222653Z 

? [0] 20170515.113228.409 WARN : Datastore was created for: XXXXXXXX-impd-main 

* [0] 20170515.113228.768 Assertion failed (r:/ 

* [0] 20170515.113228.768 DSA_E1280 Error in initialization files 

* [0] 20170515.113228.768 DSA_I1240 DSA shutting down



CA Identity Manager 12.x with Provisioning Directory in High Availability


It can be caused by stopping CA Directory services unexpectedly, force shutdown or power outage.


From Node which is working: 


1. Edit the file XXXXXXXX-impd-main.dxc located under 



2. Uncomment the lines: 

# console-port = 20395 

# console-password = "{encoding-method}password-hash" 

3. From command line, run the command to create the password hash 

dxpassword YourPassword 


4. Copy the hash, two lines, and change the line as follow 

console-port = 20395 

console-password = "HASH_From_dxpassword" 


5. Run the command to re-load this configuration file 

dxserver init XXXXXXXX-impd-main 


Where: XXXXXXXX is the hostname of node which DSA is running ok 


6. Run the telnet command to connect to DSA 

telnet localhost 20395 


7. Inform the password you type at step #3 

8. Run the command below 

dump dxgrid-db; 


After, it is complete, type "logout;" to logout, without quotes 


9. The new file was generated under folder: 



10. Copy the XXXXXXXX-impd-main.zdb to the problematic node, under the same folder 



From Problematic node machine: 

1. In the X:\...\CA\Directory\dxserver\data\XXXXXXXX-impd-main 

2. Rename or move the existing XXXXXXXX-impd-main.db file 

3. Delete the file XXXXXXXX-impd-main.tx it will be create when DSA starts 

4. Rename the XXXXXXXX-impd-main.zdb to XXXXXXXX-impd-main.db 

5. Start DSA 

dxserver start XXXXXXXX-impd-main 


After that disable the access via Console by comment out the lines below in the file XXXXXXXX-impd-main.dxc

console-port = 20395 


console-password = "HASH_From_dxpassword"