Identity Manager won't connect Jasper Reports telling that Error: [Connection] Reports Folder does not exist" and in log that Not able to generate the token for the user iamuser


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Steps to reproduce the problem


1. Access Report Server JasperReport web console

2. Create an organization called IAM

3. Create a user within the organization called iamuser

4. Import the CA Identity Manager Reports File using the command:

 js-import --input-zip ""

5. Execute the bat -> IAM Suite\Identity Manager\tools\JasperKeyGen\JasperKeyGenUtil.bat

JasperKeyGenUtil.bat uses  JAVA_HOME to generate the ig.jks generally to Oracle JDK.
However if we configure JAVA_HOME to point to IBMJDK this will use IBM Websphere libraries instead of Oracle libraries.

An example of JAVA_HOME variable set before to run the JasperKeyGenUtil.bat  is point to this example path (need to ADAPT based in your environment path installed websphere for CA Identity Manager/Identity Governance)

JAVA_HOME=C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer\java_1.7_64

You may need also adapt JAVA_HOME to use Weblogic JDK when CA Identity Manager deployed in this kind of application server. Use the same example provided by Webpshere.

end of Note

to generate iam.jks and

6. Copy iam.jks and to:

  In each was node -> /opt/was/profiles/WASProfile01/properties 

  In the report server -> E:\Java\Tomcat8.5\webapps\cabiserver\WEB-INF\config

7. In IDM -> System - Reporting - Report Server Connection

We complete the connection parameters:

Report Server URL ->

User ID -> iamuser 

Password -> xxxx


A message appears: "Error: [Connection] Reports Folder does not exist"

IDM logs


ERROR [] Exception occured while generating the jasper token java.lang.IllegalStateException: Not initialized

ERROR [] Exception occoured while getting the Reports from a folder reports in  JasperImpl.getReportsListFromFolder(). Exception details are Not able to generate the token for the user iamuser



Using Websphere is that WAS need to be generated with IBM JDK, 

Oracle JDK generated keystore files wouldn't be compatible with IBM JDK as underlying keystore file formats are different. 


CA Identity Manager 12.6.08 cr01Websphere 8.5.5 as App ServerJasperSoft 6.2 as Report Server


Use IBM JDK to generate the keys files generated by JasperKeyGenUtil.bat if App Server is Websphere.