Key generation is off. Please enable the Key generation unknown error


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The Customer is not able to connect to the Jasper Report Server from the CA Identity Manager user interface.


In CA Identity Manager, select menu System, Reporting,  Report Server Connection.

In the CA Identity Manager log file (/opt/CA/wildfly-idm/standalone/log/server.log), the following error message appears:


Key generation is off. Please enable the Key generation XXXXXXX: unknown error


Where XXXXXXX is the Jasper Server hostname



Network resolution is not in place, therefore IM is unable to resolve the hostname provided for Jasper Server


CA Identity Manager 14.x


Adjust firewall rules to allow ICMP and HTTP/HTTPS traffic between IM and Jasper.

Ensure  hostname resolution is in place - so IM can resolve and reach Jasper Report Server

Once configured correctly, IM server should be able to ping Jasper Server machine from the vApp machine.


In CA Identity Manager, you might want to use the IP instead of the hostname in the "Report Server URL" field.


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