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LDAP Configured Registry disconnecting frequently


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CA Application Test CA Continuous Application Insight (PathFinder)


For the latest installed DevTest version 10.x , we are facing some registry issues where the registry disconnects at least twice in a day.  Seeing OOM errors in the logs. 




· Initially, components are started with default memory allocation and noticed an issue that Outofmemory error in registry log.

· So, we allocated 1.5GB for Registry, Coordinator, Simulator and restarted components.

· Still we see error in registry logs as below. During this issue, CPU was spiking and system CPU went to 90% and registry is not responded.

ERROR messages in the Registry logs with warning as GC Thrashing

2017-03-24 06:15:39,912Z (02:15) [ServerRequestHandler-1] ERROR - Could not fetch a message from QUEUE: GC overhead limit exceeded


java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded 

Reason for OOM - 


The  <user-search-filter> in the authentication-provider.xml file seems overly broad, "<user-search-filter>(objectClass=*)</user-search-filter>”. Depending on how many users you have, this could lead to an Out Of Memory Exception for too may LDAP entries

You should refine your search to  something like


 or something like this...





Your ldap admin should be able to give you a better filter.


Customer updated the search filter  in the  authentication-providers.xml file for LDAP users



This resolved the issue.