The Jasper Console page is not displayed correctly
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The Jasper Console page is not displayed correctly


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CA Spectrum


We have integrated Spectrum 10.2 with Jasper 6.3. Using the Internet Explorer to launch the Jasper Console from the OneClick homepage, the Jasper Console page does not display the fields correctly.


Spectrum release 10.x integrated with supported Jasper release 6.x


There could be two reasons for this behavior:

1. Supported Internet explorer version is 11 

Anything below will not be supported


2. On Internet Explorer v11, JasperReports Server UI does not optimally function as per the known issues section in CABi 6.3 document


Current known issues are: 

  • CA Business Intelligence JasperReports Server UI does not optimally function on Internet Explorer v11


For more information refer below link:



Use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers which are recommended to launch the Jasper Console. 

You can find the same information in the release information document

Supported Web Browsers

Web BrowserVersion
Mozilla Firefox38.0 or higher
Google Chrome44.0 or higher
Internet Explorer11.0

Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are recommended web browsers.


For further information on pre-requisites, please refer the below links:


For Jasper 6.1:


For Jasper 6.3: