Unable to delete REST access key
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Unable to delete REST access key


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When attempting to delete an Access Key in Service Desk via REST API

DELETE /caisd-rest/rest_access/1201703106 HTTP/1.1

And the following message is returned in the jrest.log:

Invalid number of rows (0) affected by the operation. Expecting (1). [DELETE FROM rest_access WHERE id = 1201703106]


SDM 12.9SDM 14.1SDM 17.0


From the error received the REST API call is looking for 1201703106 in the id column of the usp_rest_access table.


1201703106 is the access key but the call is looking for the id of 1201703106.

Check the usp_rest_access table for the id of that access key and change the REST API call to match:

DELETE /caisd-rest/rest_access/"id of access key" HTTP/1.1

Additional Information

Please see the following DocOps link for more information on deleting an access key as well as other REST HTTP methods.