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Unexpected behavior from leave_children_open option


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When previously installed, the leave_children_open option has an unexpected behavior when is uninstalled.

The expected behavior when the option is uninstalled is: when the parent ticked is closed, all the children will also be closed.

However, the unexpected behavior is: after closing the parent ticket, the children keep opened.


Service Desk Manager 12.9, 14.1


One possible reason is that the NX.env from the additional servers (in a Conventional configuration - in the Secondary server or in Adavanced Availability configuration - in the Application Servers) were not updated, and so the option keeps still installed on the additional servers.


After uninstalling the leave_children_open option, and restarting properly all the servers, check all the NX.env files from Secondaries (in Conventional) or from Applications (in Advanced Availability), if there is still a row such as:


If exists, replace this row with the one from NX.env from the Primary or from the Background, that should be something like:

! @NX_LEAVE_CHILDREN_OPEN= Deinstalled Fri Apr 07 15:23:32 2017

Restart the SDM Services.