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VLE not working after upgrading to DB2 11 NFM


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After upgrading or converting to DB2 11 NFM, the repository VLE command along with specified criteria is not returning the expected row(s).

Using the COPYBOOK entity as an example, the behavior in the CA Repository is as follows

a) Fill the record-name and status with the name/status of a nightly imported copybook and execute command 'vle'. 

Result: The expected record is not returned into the screen, but message 'EDT00046 No items were found …' is displayed. 

b) Fill only the record-name (same name as in a) , status empty) and execute command 'vle'. 

Result: The expected record is returned into the screen.

If I execute a second 'vle' (with the just returned record in the screen, nothing changed), the message 'EDT00046 No items were found …' will be displayed. 



CA Repository for z/OS r7.2DB2 11 NFM


Apply IBM DB2 Apar PI31161