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How to prevent the error "Agent is Busy taking Thread dump" when collecting new thread dump via Introscope Workstation?


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


When using the "Collect New" option in the Thread Dumps tab in Workstation Investigator to collect thread dumps for an agent, the following error was prompted:


Agent is busy taking thread dump.Please try after some time.


APM 10.xWindows/linux/Unix


The default number of agents to get thread dump is 25. If a new agent connected after this limit is reached, this error would be prompted.


Below are two solutions to adddress this error:

 1) Disable the thread dump feature for agents in which thread dumps are not needed. This can be achieved by setting the following properties in the in IntroscopeAgent.profile:


2) Increase introscope.enterprisemanager.threaddump.perftune.cache property with appropriate value(upperbound 40) in file of EM. An EM restart is required after making changes to this properties.

Note: The increase in this value would affect the performance of Introscope Enterprise Manager.