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SQL errors seen in Windows application logs


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CA Spectrum


After upgrading Spectrum on Windows, SQL errors are seen in Windows application logs similar to the following:

Event 100, MySQL 
Native table 'performance_schema' has the wrong structure 



Spectrum running on Windows OS


Probable corruption in the database schema.


Reinstall the last major install of Spectrum and then any PTF or debug patches installed.

For example, if running Spectrum 10.2.1 with post PTF or debug patches installed, reinstall Spectrum 10.2.1 and then the post PTF or debug patches installed after Spectrum 10.2.1 previously.

Before reinstalling:

  1. Ensure ALL of the Spectrum processes and services, other than the SRAdmin, are shutdown. 
  2. Launch the Windows Task Manager and ensure there are no mysql processes running
  3. Ensure the ONLY mysql that is installed is the mysql for Spectrum