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Status_Prev attribute not updated when the Update Status activity with no status changes is performed.


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If I use the Update Status activity and just provide a comment without actually changing the status of a ticket, will the status and status_prev attributes of the ticket contain the same values?


CA Service Desk Manager r12.x, r14.x


When you complete an Update Status activity and the status is not changed, i.e. only a comment is provided, there is in fact no change in status so the status_prev remains as it was previously. You can test this using the bop_odump utility to verify the values. This utility displays the values at the domsrvr level so we can see what status and status_prev are set to: 


1. Change the status of an incident from Open to Hold and the command returns the following: 

c:\bop_odump domsrvr cr "id=400901" status status_prev 

Persid       status          status_prev 

cr:400901 HLDCSTRSP OP 

1 objects 

2. Then Update the status with a comment but leave the status as Hold and re-run the bop_odump command and as you can see below the status and status_prev values don't change: 

c:\bop_odump domsrvr cr "id=400901" status status_prev 

Persid        status         status_prev 

cr:400901 HLDCSTRSP OP 

1 objects