CA PPM Advance Reporting Jaspersoft Reports sends emails even for empty reports with the option "Do not send emails for empty reports" checked.


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When a report is scheduled with input parameters that return an empty report, the email goes out to recipient even when the "Do not send emails for empty reports" was selected during the scheduling activity. 

Steps to Replicate:

  1. Open Advanced Reporting and choose a default report from the repository and create a schedule
  2. Schedule the report such that report does not return data
  3. On the notifications tab choose "Do not send emails for empty reports" 


Expected Result:
No emails should be sent to user where there is blank report. 
Actual Result: 
User gets email with blank report. 



By design the emails only triggers by the main dataset being empty, and when the report attribute returns has no pages. In reporting terminology when the attribute 'whenNoDataType=NoPages' is returned. 

The report attribute 'whenNoDataType=NoPages' means that the generated document will have no pages in it. 

PPM default reports return a single blank page.i.e.'whenNoDataType=BlankPages'. The default reports also appear to have bands that is designed to return "no data found". So it appears we would always end up having blank pages in our reports and hence emails will trigger for reports that are scheduled. 




Working as designed. CA PPM engineering worked this with Jaspersoft and concluded that this is working as designed and raised an enhancement for the "Do not send blank email" feature to work for blank pages. Jaspersoft Enhancement ID= JS-29982. 


CA PPM 14.2 onwards


To write custom reports that can adapt to the logic where report returns 'whenNoDataType=NoPages'.


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