When doing an Archive of a CA Endevor Element, a valid Approver has been disqualified. Why?
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When doing an Archive of a CA Endevor Element, a valid Approver has been disqualified. Why?


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We had a situation where a package contained 6 elements and have an Approver group related to that inventory location and Disqualification set to Y.

This approver group had 4 id's included, 2 id's were disqualified and we understand since they had last updated the elements in that location. 1 was able to approve the package, but the last was Disqualified for a reason I don't understand.

That user had not touched the elements last or created the Endevor package but was still disqualified. Was checking and that userid had previously made changes to the element back in 2009.

Does Endevor check the historical information on an element for disqualification?


Component: ENDBAS


Yes, Endevor does do Change Level Checking at the stage the action is being performed at.


First, Endevor does a Package check

Next, Endevor does a Package Element check

And finally, Endevor does a Change level check

Change level check--  Next the change levels for the Element are checked. If no levels exist, processing is complete for that Element action and the next Element action is processed. If change levels exist, the approver ID is compared to each change level. If the user is found in a change level, a check is made to see if that same level exists up the map. If the same level is found up the map, the approver is qualified. If the same level is not found up the map or the Element does not exist up the map, the approver is disqualified.


For the scenario of doing an Archive of an Element from the Production stage, the entire change level history of the element is checked and if the approver updated the element at any time in the past, they will be disqualified. 

One solution option is to turn the ENCOPTBL PKG_ACTIONS_NO_APPRVR option on to say that Approvers are not required for Archive actions. 

Note: If the ENCOPTBL PKG_ACTIONS_NO_APPRVR option is turned on for Archive and the package contains only Archive actions, the package is automatically Approved when the Cast is done like when a quorum of zero is specified in the Approver group definition. 

Additional Information

For more information on What disqualifies an approver? , go to the CA DocOps site 

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•  In the Select Product drop down box, search for Endevor and select the appropriate version

•  In the Table of Contents on the right, go to :

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>> Approver Disqualification Option