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Getting 500 error when trying to post SOAP docs when Transfer-encoding is chunked after upgrading to Apache 2.4 and WSS 12.52SP1


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I'm protecting a Web Service using SOA Authentication Scheme, and I'm acceding it Apache CXF client.

But I noticed that instead of sending the request in normal format, Customer is sending the request in chunked format.

The HTTP headers show :

  Transfer-Encoding: chunked

How can I fix this ?


When a SOAP request is sent in "chunked" format (Transfer-Encoding: chunked), the request header won’t contain "Content-Length" Header. Instead, the Web Server will set the header "Transfer-Encoding".

In the Web Service Security Agent TxmPlugin code, we are not honoring "Transfer-Encoding" header.


Policy Server Version: R12.52 SP1 on Win2008 32-bitPolicy Store Database: SQL serverWeb Server : Apache 2.4.Soa Agent: R12.52 SP1 and SiteMinder APACHE 2.4 WebAgent, Version 12.52 QMR01, Update HF-01, Label 640. on RH6 64-bit.


The Web Service Security Agent Code has been modified to honor the "Transfer-Encoding" header with value "chunked".

This is fixed in 12.52SP1CR05 and described in Cumulative Fix release note :

     00178689     DE107313     The request header does not contain the Content-Length header when a SOAP request is sent in chunked format.

     Defects Fixed in 12.52 SP1 CR05