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[706051103]: Invalid password format error using smpwservices


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CA Rapid App Security CA Advanced Authentication


When using Siteminder password policies along with arcot authentication, upon trying to change user password using siteminder password policies you will fail, the password will not change and below error will be seen in the arcotadaptershim.log


Error Message: [706051103]: Invalid password format



Policy server: Any supported policy serverPolicy server OS: Any supported OSArcot webfort: Any supported webfort version.


The solution is to set "PasswdSvcUserAtt" parameter in the adaptershim.ini file to a user attribute that is read and writeable by webfort and is not being used by any other application. 

For example the PasswdSvcUserAtt can be set to "carLicense" in the adaptershim.ini file. This parameter can be set either under ever profile or globally. To set it under every profile it can be set like below example:



# Profile Name                       : "Your Profile Name"

# Controller Used                       : controller4.jsp

# Primary Credential                    : LDAP password

# Risk Secondary Credential             : Security Questions

# Risk Scoring                          : Enabled

# HTTPS                                 : Required if flash is used for RiskFort cookies




# One-Page login scenario





Or it can be set globally under [arcot/integrations/smadapter/Default] in the adaptershim.ini file.