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I'd like to use the PostgreSQL monitoring profile, however when I go to select it, it is greyed out. 

"Profile Type unavailable because the jdbc_response probe is not in the local archive, does not have a valid license, or is missing other dependencies." 


I have put the jdbc_response probe onto the hub's archive, I have restarted the MCS probe, I have restarted the USM portlet webapp. 

I can't see any dependencies that are missing. 

What is the correct process to enable this profile? 


jdbc_response 1.25 is needed. 

This also requires a package: ""

This feature is deprecated.  Please open a support case to request this package.


UIM 8.5.1Want to use MCS with PostgreSQL profile



There is a note in the documentation that jdbc_response 1.25 is needed.

Probes You Can Configure with the Monitoring Configuration Service:


jdbc_response v1.25 (for the PostgreSQL profile type) 


The jdbc_response probe is controlled released. 

  • Please try to download this version : 
  • Import postgresql_mcs_templates into your archive. ( Attached into this document)
  • deploy the postgresql_mcs_templates to your primary server (where mon_config_service is).
  • Login to UMP and create a profile like the following:


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