IDM 14. vApp not able to deploy over ESX environment resizing the disk before the first run of ova.


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If after deploy v14 ova getting this error to login with config user:

<Please see attached file for image>



Known issue for first run step of ova deploy when it's edited the DiskSize in Vmware in the first time before login in csconfig.


Happens for:Vmware Workstation or Vmware ESX Server


Resolution procedure:

1) Remove the vm from Vmware.

2) Do the import of OVA without touch the disk size (keep the default of 50gb);

3) Finish the deploy login in csconfig first time

4) Install the last Cummulative Patch (CP3 actually)

5) Go to Vmware ane edit the virtual machine disk from default 50gb to the size necessary

6) Login with config user and run the tool reSizedisk to assume the value changed in vmware configuration in internal OS of vaap

Additional Information

Resolved in Cumulative Patch 0003 of Virtual Appliance.


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