In Web Client main page the ALIAS field is not auto-populated


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DSERIES- SERVER CA Workload Automation DE - System Agent (dSeries)



After install CA Workload Automation DE R12 SP1 Web client component successfully ,

when try to access it using the web URL, the ALIAS field on the web page is not getting

auto-populated. There is no "OTHER" option in the drop-down to select. 


CA Workload Automation DE R12 SP1 Web client ON ANY platform



From the README file under the WADEWebClient_R12_SP1 




URL to access DE Web UI is 




If you want to access DE Web UI using any other alias names such as localhost 

or ip address or with domain name, access the above URL first with a valid login. 

Only after you authenticate the logic of WEB UI using the above url, you can use URLs with alias name. 

If you miss this step and access the URL using alias name first, you will encounter an error 

"The login service is not available at the moment."