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UIM CM_NIMBUS_PACKAGE table update information


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


After upgrading to UIM 8.4 or higher can no longer see CM_NIMBUS_PACKAGE table getting updated.

How to re enable this feature


UIM 8.4+

Discovery_server 8.4+


This feature has been taken disabled by default in UIM 8.4 and higher


To re-enable it, add the config parameter “enable_cm_nimbus_package” to the setup/nis section and set it to true.

Please follow the steps to re-enable this feature if this is required

- Open discovery_server (8.4x or higher )raw configuration window(shift+right click)

- Under setup folder, create a section 'nis'

- Under nis add a key 'enable_cm_nimbus_package' with value 'true'

- Apply and if possible restart the discovery_server

- Try to deploy a package from local archive to a robot

- Query the database:select * from cm_nimbus_package order by install_time desc;

You shall see the records for successful distributions.


Discovery_server config example

   log_async = true
   device_correlation_history_delete_older_than_time = 14d
   loglevel = 1
   device_correlation_history_deletion_interval_minutes = 720
   expire_time = 30d
      display_name_alias_migrated = true
      network_interface_masters_migrated_to_nis = true
      enable_cm_nimbus_package = true