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Can't Connect to MS SQL Server in CA Output Management Configtool with a dynamic port and a DB instance name


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Configuring the database for a dynamic port when the CA Output Management Web Viewer ConfigTool requires you to provide a specific PORT value.

Specifying a DB instance name when the ConfigTool does not prompt for this parameter.



Release: OUTWBV01300-12.1-Output Management-Web Viewer for AIX


When you enter the [JDBC URL] value in the config tool, you can type whatever you want there.  There will be a recommended value you can ignore. This is how you can enter what you want for this string.

  1. Since the OMWV ConfigTool setup procedures always expect you to provide a PORT value, specify a dummy port value when running the configtool and then remove the port value from the URL along with the preceeding ":"  .
  2. Provide the DB instance name, for example, \SQL2012TEST2 

Here is an example of how the string will look:

Enter your new string when you are prompted Enter a new value or press [Enter] to use the current value:.  This is a transcript of how to do this:


Recommended value: jdbc:sqlserver://SQLSERV123\SQLEXPRESS:1433;databaseName=omweb 

The current value: 

Enter a new value or press [Enter] to use the current value:

Database JDBC URL: jdbc:sqlserver://testsqld21\SQL2012TEST2;databaseName=omweb 


NOTE: :1433 has been removed.  The db instance name SQL2012TEST2 has been specified.



Additional Information

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