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CA PPM old Locale setting does not cascade to the New UI


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"Locales" such as Dutch, Danish, Catalan etc., are not used by the New UI. It ignores these settings and continues to display content as per standard "English". 


Steps to Reproduce:

1. Go to Account Settings 

2. Change "Locale" to any locale which supports comma as a separator. For example: "Danish" 

3. Logout 

4. Log back in 

5. Navigate to the New UI 

6. Click on "Timesheets" 

7. Create a timesheet 

8. Enter hours as "8,5" 


Expected Result: The hours remain as "8,5" 

Actual Result: The hours change to "85.00" 


Caused by a defect - DE33379.


CA PPM versions 15.1 and 15.2.


The bug is targeted to be fixed in the upcoming version of PPM which is scheduled around late 2017.