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$NH_USER can no longer stop eHealth services on windows 2012.


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I am running eHealth 6.3.2.x on win2012.

Everything was working fine, but now suddenly, I can no longer add users or start and stop eHealth services from the command line.


It just hangs and nothing happens.


EHealth 6.3.2.x on win2012



On win2012, there are 2 levels of User Account Control (UAC).

One is managed from the security policy GUI (secpol.msc)

And this can also be managed by Active Directory (AD) policies.


Please check if it has been re-enabled and disable it and reboot.






Launch the security policy editor:

Start / run / secpol.msc

Expand security settings, local policies

Highlight security options.

In the right hand pane, go to


User account control: run all administrators in admin approval mode.

<Please see attached file for image>

src="/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file=0150c000004AKAMAA4" alt="secpol.uac.jpg" width="1207" height="517">

And disable this.


Please reboot after making this change.




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