The Export from a list of contacts includes the ‘’ field not requested and not displayed in the list in the web interface


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The Export of a list of contacts contains an additional field not displayed in the list in web interface.

The fields displayed by default in the contacts list are: ‘Name’, ‘Contact Type’, ‘Access Type’, ‘Contact ID’, ‘User ID’, ‘Telephone Number’ and ‘Status’


When the list of contacts is exported (click on Export button), the excel file created by the export contains also the ‘’ field.


The '' field is present in the list displayed in the web interface but it is set by default to 'hidden' and so it is not visible.

The 'Export' property for this field is set to 'yes' hence the field is exported like any other field in the list. 


CA Service Desk Manager 14.1CA Service Desk Manager 17.0


To remove the ‘’ field from the export, do the following:

1. run Web Screen Painter

2. open the file list_cnt.htmpl

3. verify that in the lower section there is also the field '' in addition to the other fields

4. this field is NOT displayed in the list of contacts because in the code it is set as ‘hidden’; this can be verified by clicking on the Source tab and searching for '': the following can be seen:

<PDM_MACRO name=lsCol hdr="" hidden=yes startrow="no">

5. the field is however exported as the 'Export' property is set to 'yes'

6. to modify the export property go back to the Design tab

7. double_click on '' and the Properties for this field will be displayed

8. the fifth row of the Properties is related to 'Export'; it is set to 'yes' by default but the value can be modified: click on the value ('yes') and in the dropdown displayed select 'no'

9. click on 'Save'

10. click on Publish and in the 'Confirm Publish' panel a list of files that can be published is displayed

11. select only the file 'list_cnt.htmpl' (please pay attention to what selected) and click on 'Ok'

12. the message 'Publishing is complete' should appear

13. to get now the new list_cnt.htmpl available for the usage, there is no need to recycle Service Desk but the webcache and the browser cache need to be cleaned:

      - open a dos session on the Service Desk server and run the following:

        pdm_webcache -H

      - on the client machine clean the browser cache

      - logout and login again to Service Desk


14. verify that the export of contacts doesn't contain any more the field ''