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Admin console for probe SNMPCollector not able to open, Error Code: PPM 012


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Getting the error below when clicking of SNMPC admin console "configure".

Unable to read configuration
Configuration was unable to be retrieved.

Message: Remote Request Error: Remote /uim_prod/xap-pvapuim03/xap-pvapuim003/snmpcollector probe processing of operation get_ctd_configuration failed.

Resolution: Please check both the PPM and remote probe log file for additional details.
Error Code: PPM 012

Click Retry to attempt to save your configuration again.
Click Close to close this Window



UIM 8.47 & Later

SNMPcollector probe 3.31
PPM 3.4


There are two possible causes:

1. By default the snmpcollector database, (a file called, runs in embedded mode and allows only one connection.  If that connection to snmpcollector fails, it does not allow another.

Error message in log:

/opt/nimsoft/probes/network/snmpcollector/ failed; file length -1 read length 32 at 184866602

2. A known defect in the component.


1. DB_SERVER_MODE variable.

-- Open the probe snmpcollector in Raw Configure.
-- Under <setup> section, add the key: DB_SERVER_MODE = true
-- Deactivate and Activate the SNMPcollector probe

2. Deploy the latest snmpcollector hotfix.

The hotfix can be downloaded here.