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CA Workload Automation DE Web Service jobs receiving authorization issues


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DSERIES- SERVER CA Workload Automation DE - System Agent (dSeries)


The CA Workload Automation DE has Web Service job type that allows connecting to applications providing various services on the Net or within corporate network.  Web services provide access to applications written in Java and Microsoft©.NET. A web service lets you invoke operations such as currency conversion, stock exchange quotes, or product pricing. In an enterprise workload automation environment, a web service might be used to invoke a business process such as posting accounts payable to the General Ledger.

Note: To run these jobs, your system requires CA WA Agent for UNIX, Linux, or Windows and CA WA Agent for Web Services.

Web Service jobs require that all the parameters be correctly entered.  The job has provision for several user and authentication setup, which may be needed to properly access the services.  If the CA Agent is not able to authenticate properly, the job may result in SUBERROR.

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CA Workload Automation DE R12 or R11.3CA Workload Automation Agent for Web Service


The SUBERROR is usually results due to authentication issues.  The CA WA Agent logs may show error like these:


04/28/2017 08:42:56.464 EDT-0400 3 WebservicePlugin.webservice Internal Thread.CybObjectQueue.put[:314] - put  . . [email protected]_DE webservice WEBSERVICEDOCLIT0/WEBSERVICES_JOB_TRIGGER.5/MAIN STATE SUBERROR Failed SetEnd Status(Error submitting request) Plugin(webservice)

The above may be an indication of access and authentication issue.  In Web Service job, make sure the user (in Basic tab) has been properly defined.  


To fix SUBERROR, make sure the user (in Basic tab) has been properly defined.  This user must have access to the application.  To test, access the application via web browser or any client and enter the user and password to see if works.

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Some web service may limit access to the WSDL.  Test accessing the WSDL URL from a browser.  If it requires username and password, usually there will be drop down window on the top of the page, then that username and password will need to be defined in 'Connection Information' section.

Tip: The WSDL access can also be tested from the Desktop Client.  Enter the URL in WSDL URL field (see above), and then press the Green Arrow button.  If access is restricted, a window will popup requesting user and password.


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