UMP hangs/freezes when switching portlets
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UMP hangs/freezes when switching portlets


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


When switching back and forth between UMP portlets, the portal will appear to hang indefinitely and stops responding to any input from the user.

The problem seems to manifest most frequently when switching between Unified Dashboard/List View portlets and USM but can happen as a result of switching between any portlets.

During the time the portal is unresponsive, an investigation on the SQL Server will reveal that a query is blocked, and the query will be similar to the following:


select layoutseti0_.layoutSetId as layoutSe1_323_, layoutseti0_.groupId as groupId323_, layoutseti0_.companyId as companyId323_, layoutseti0_.createDate as createDate323_, layoutseti0_.modifiedDate as modified5_323_, layoutseti0_.privateLayout as privateL6_323_, layoutseti0_.logo as logo323_, layoutseti0_.logoId as logoId323_, layoutseti0_.themeId as themeId323_, layoutseti0_.colorSchemeId as colorSc10_323_, layoutseti0_.wapThemeId as wapThemeId323_, layoutseti0_.wapColorSchemeId as wapColo12_323_, layoutseti0_.css as css323_, layoutseti0_.pageCount as pageCount323_, layoutseti0_.settings_ as settings15_323_, layoutseti0_.layoutSetPrototypeUuid as layoutS16_323_, layoutseti0_.layoutSetPrototypeLinkEnabled as layoutS17_323_ from LayoutSet layoutseti0_ where ([email protected] )AND([email protected]


Further investigation will reveal that the blocking query is the same or similar query, as if the query is being run multiple times and blocking itself.


UIM/UMP 8.xAny platform


The root cause of this issue has to do with applying two different types of Templates to users/groups in Liferay.

Specifically, there are two places in which templates can be propagated to groups:  under "User Groups" and "Sites".

If a template has been applied in both places, this issue can occur.



To resolve this issue, take the following steps in UMP:

1. Log into UMP as an Administrator user.

2. Navigate to Go To->Control Panel

3. From here click "User Groups" about halfway down the page.

4. For each User Group listed, do the following:

    a. Click on the group name to open the settings

    b. Under the "User Group Site" section, uncheck the boxes labeled "Enable propagation of changes from the site template [Template Name]"

    c. Click "Save"

    d. Repeat the process for each user group listed.



Additional Information

Once the propagation of site templates to User Groups has been disabled, the problem will be resolved; in the future, templates should be managed through Site Settings if both Sites and User Groups are in use.