Benefit Variance is incorrectly calculated
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Benefit Variance is incorrectly calculated


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Clarity PPM On Premise


The "Benefit Variance" field in Benefit Plans incorrectly calculates the Variance as "Benefit - Realized Benefit", when the calculation should be "Realized Benefit - Benefit". This misrepresents the variation in benefit, especially in a scenario where the "Realized Benefit" is greater than the "Planned Benefit". For example, if the "Realized Benefit" is $10,000, while the "Planned Benefit" was $5,000, then the "Benefit Variance" would be calculated as -$5,000, and represented in Red.

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All current CA PPM versions.


This is caused by a defect - DE32391.

Disposition: No plans to fix at this time.


The following can be used as a workaround:

1. Create a custom attribute on the "Benefit Plan Detail" object, say, "Benefit Variance Custom"

2. Display this custom attribute in the "Benefit Plan Detail - List" view

3. Take away the OOTB, "Benefit Variance" attribute from the above mentioned view

4. This will provide the users the ability to manually enter the Benefit variance

5. Further, a process can be developed to make the variance calculation, and lock the field for user input.


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