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After migrating to a new release of CICS CA Intertest for CICS r 9.1 abend with ASRA abends.


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The client is upgrading CA Intertest for CICS r 9.1 to CTS 5.3. When the user attempts to display the source code for a program using the LIST or ITST transaction they receive the following ARSA abends.

DFHAC2236 04/10/2017 16:13:52 A11ICI33 Transaction LIST abend ASRA in program IN67LGET.

DFHAC2236 04/10/2017 16:22:13 A11ICI33 Transaction ITST abend ASRA in program IN67MENU.


The client was not using the CA Intertest for CICS r 9.1 CTS 5.3 CSD RDO entries. The client was using the CSD RDO entries for CTS 4.2.




The client will migrate the CA Intertest for CICS r 9.1  CTS 5.3 CSD  RDO entries to the DFHCSD file and start CICS pointing to the correct entries.  The CSD RDO entries for CTS 5.3 are in PDS HLQ.CABAJCL(CSDINT70).