CA TPX Start ACL Script no longer working
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CA TPX Start ACL Script no longer working


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TPX - Session Management Vman Session Management for z/OS


Over the past weekend a ACL script which logs the user into a CICS application stopped working.

ACL script had not changed.

Turned on the debug option and the script is completing successful, but it is not performing as it did before the system IPL.  


Release: NVINAM00200-5.3-TPX-Session Management-Access Management package


Most likely this is caused by a change with the application and the signon screens being sent to TPX so that they no longer align with the existing ACL script.

  • Is your ACL searching for specific text on the screen that may no longer be there? 
  • Are there changes to field location on the panel or additional fields so that tabbing takes the ACL to an unintended field? 


First, verify the manual process for signon by using line command G, which will access the session without using the Start ACL.  Pay close attention to each key used (enter, tab, etc).

Then confirm that this manual process matches the ACL code, or revise the ACL as necessary.